3 questions to… Mash & Co, an italian project incubated at Plaine Images !

A la Plaine Images, on accueille aussi des gens venus d'autres contrées, Mash & Co, une start-up trans-media italienne qui créé du contenu ludoéducatif pour les enfants et les parents, nous raconte comment et pourquoi ils sont aujourd'hui à la Plaine Images !
In English, of course ! 🙂

In what way did, Take Off#1 (Plaine Images’s incubator) help you with ?

We are part of the Plaine images incubator thanks to the French Tech Ticket, the program for foreign start-ups that selected us to join the French eco-system in 2017. Thanks to the Plaine Images we got access to an extensive network of creative industries operating in the region and in France. Also, with the help of Plaine Images, we got the HDFID (fond régional d'incubation) to realize one part of our project, allowing us to improve our product.

Why did you choose Plaine Images ?

We have seen a beautiful and strategic place to stay in developing our project, very near to Belgium, Paris, and the UK.

What is Mash&Co ?

Mash&Co is a start-up and trans-media brand that creates original edutainment contents for kids and families. At first, we have created an app that put together cartoons and minigames all linked by one storyline, based on the adventures of a mushroom called Mash and a snail called Periwinkle. We are focused on giving kids original stories conceived to be used on digital platforms and media.

Since we create our contents with a trans-media approach, we are also working on the cartoon series of the brand which pilot has been completed recently. We have already 1200 000 dowloads.

Available on the AppStore and on Google Play

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