Here, we believe in imagination. Economically valuable creative imagination, in the image of these successful companies. Creative imagination with added value, in the image of those who come here to grow.

For talents to reveal themselves, for projects to grow, they must be offered the best conditions. Here we do everything we can to make the best business ideas come true!

Incubator - Accelerator

Imagine: an incubation program specially designed to focus on creation. Help with formalities, business plans, financing strategy: anything for the "business to take off"!

Here we do everything to make the most beautiful business ideas come true.

Key Sectors

Plaine Images

140 companies spread over 40,000 sqm of offices and grouping no less than 12 business sectors

Key Fields

Lille Region

Work on your project in a unique place, that's one of the promises we make to you. Coworking to "mature" your ideas and meet people? Spaces to set up your offices? Immersion for a few weeks by renting a workstation? Rental, acquisition, construction? We make your implementation easiest. Plaine Images also offers several facilities for your development and to make your day-to-day life on the site easier: playtest laboratory, filming studios, dubbing studios, datacenter, team meeting rooms...