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With Lille Universities and the CNRS initiative, the Visual Sciences and Culture program combines a cross-disciplinary research project and an international-grade technological platform, which is labelled Equipment of Excellence (EquipEX, 2011).

A real opportunity for the Plaine Images’ ecosystem!

A research and transfer-innovation-valorization center for digital media and the visual field.
> An ideal place for social sciences and humanities, experimental sciences, science and digital technologies, artistic creation and the business world to converge.

A cross-disciplinary research cluster structured into 4 complementary departments:

  • Virtual reality,
  • Perception and Uses, to study perception, gesture-based interaction, emotional responses, and brain – behavior relations,
  • Digital arts, dedicated to artistic creation in digital visual environments,
  • A test lab aiming at contributing to technological innovation and developing the creative industries.

A platform opened to researchers and to all the site’s users:

  • Double-curved screen for virtual reality,
  • Thermal camera to study emotions,
  • Goniometric suit to study artistic creations.


immersive tech



Leading-edge equipments set in 1,800 square meters space devoted to research and innovation in Human and Social Science, Cognitive Psychology and Neurosciences, computer sciences:

  • To foster a technological cluster unique in Europe for multidisciplinary research in visual and cultural sciences.
  • To promote an increased proximity between researchers, artists and image/digital visual professionals.
  • To set up outreach initiatives bringing scientific, technological and artistic advances closer to the public.
  • To facilitate the transfer of scientific works towards the economic world and creative industries altogether.


A «reception and uses» area, with vanguard equipments for the study of perception, gestual interactions, emotional response and brain - behaviour relationships.

An area for digital arts devoted to artistic creation in visual digital environments.

A Lab-Test contributing to the development of creative industries and technological innovation.

The Open Reality Experience (TORE), an highly innovative space for virtual reality comprising a double curved screen.


TORE Plaine Images Virtual Reality
Plaine Images virtual reality tore