As an actor of creative industries, Plaine Images animates a complete value chain actors involved in Audiovisual: Image, Production, Postproduction, Digital Agency, Sound, Music, VFX...

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PICTANOVO - A national leader in audiovisual production and cinema financing

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Pictanovo was set up in 2003 to bring together professionals working on image-based projects.
The organization invests every year more than 3 Million € in a large number of writing, development and productions projects. The work it supports are selected by a committee composed of professionals. Pictanovo does not grant subsidies, instead it coproduces audiovisual works and cofinance cinema production.


LE FRESNOY - A unique place between study, production and experiment

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Le Fresnoy produces over fifty works across the whole spectrum of contemporary arts – cinema, photography, visual arts, performing arts and music – always aspiring to professional quality in terms of both its resources and contributors.

To this end, the school has acquired a remarkable production apparatus, embracing audiovisual production and post-production tools of all kinds from traditional media to new technologies, regularly upgrading its equipment in keeping with technical developments.

Every year Le Fresnoy hosts some of the most acclaimed artists in their fields, who come as visiting teachers. To give only a few examples: in cinema, Raùl Ruiz, Robert Kramer and Jean-Luc Godard; in dance, Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker; in the visual arts, Sarkis and Gary Hill.

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ARTFX - A world-famous school

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ARTFX was created in 2004 by professionals from the cinema, animation, video game and visual effects industries.

ARTFX is known for the quality of its training programs, which adhere to industry expectations, and its extensive professional network.

The students at ARTFX develop professional level skills in preparation for working within the following industries: cinema, VFX movies, 3D animation for film & TV, 2D animation, postproduction, video games, virtual reality, advertising...

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PÔLE 3D - Rising Creative School

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Founded in 2003, PÔLE 3D campus is widening on Plaine Images site. The school counts 585 graduates, more than 17 years of experience, 3 specialized trainings, 96% of success, 90% of professional insertion.

PÔLE 3D Digital & Creative School is one of the major schools in the teaching of image professions through advanced training in 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Video Games and preparatory classes in Art & Design and Manga. Also recognized as the School of Art and Design of the Catholic University of Lille, which has been an independent institution since 2017, PÔLE 3D supports the students' professional projects.

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