Here, we do not limit ourselves to believing in the power of imagination, we cultivate it, encourage it and develop it. 


With internationally renowned schools and  targeted professional training for our trades based on site we are looking to increase skills, to create a recruiting ground for high-level professionals in constant contact with companies needs.

Proximity at all times between knowledge and know-how, between expertise and experimentation. With our three schools based on site, there are close to 250 students coming to train directly with Plaine Images companies

Pôle IIID is a school specialized in 2D and 3D animation, video games and special effects providing training in computer graphics to its students. Initial training, continuing training, Pole IIID trains creators, digital directors or in the field of field of videogame & entertainment immediately operational. After their graduation they are ready to integrate companies of all sized in all areas involving 3D


Le Fresnoy  an outstanding, internationally recognized art and audio-visual school and research center. Le Fresnoy National Studio of Contemporary Arts is open to post-graduate students that already have a Master’s degree. Applications are considered from people belonging from all creative fields. Cross-disciplinary approaches are favoured.


3W Academy : focused on web developer-integrator and mobile developer trades.  Access to the Web jobs : Webmaster, web developer, integrator, webdesigner, etc.