Pursuant to article 6 of the law no. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 on confidence in the digital economy, users of the website www.plaine-images.fr are informed of the different parties involved in its creation and monitoring:

Owner: PLAINE IMAGES SEM VILLE RENOUVELEE – SIRET n° 318 697 208 001 28 – 99A boulevard Descat 59200 Tourcoing. Tel. +33 (0)3 20 29 89 50. Email: contact@www.plaine-images.fr

Publication manager: Emmanuel Delamarre
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Use of the website www.plaine-images.fr implies full and entire acceptance of the general terms and conditions of use described hereinafter. These terms and conditions of use are liable to be changed or added to at any time, users of the website www.plaine-images.fr are therefore encouraged to consult them regularly.

This website is usually accessible to users at all times. However PLAINE IMAGES may take the website offline for technical maintenance reasons, but will endeavour to inform users in advance of the dates and times of the interruption. The website www.plaine-images.fr is regularly updated by the communications department. Likewise, legal notices may be amended at any time: they are however binding on the user who is invited to refer to them as often as possible in order to become familiar with them.


The aim of the website www.plaine-images.fr is to provide information on all the company’s activities. PLAINE IMAGES SEM VILLE RENOUVELEE will endeavour to provide information which is as accurate as possible on the website www.plaine-images.fr. However, it may not be held liable for any omissions, inaccuracies or deficiencies in updating, whether this is due to their actions of those or third-party partners who supply them with this information. All information given on the website www.plaine-images.fr is indicative only and is liable to change. Furthermore, the information appearing on the website www.plaine-images.fr is not exhaustive. It is given subject to changes which may have been made since being published online.

The website uses WORDPRESS.

The website may not be held liable for material damage linked to use of the site. Moreover, users of the website undertake to access the site using modern equipment, which is virus free and with a latest generation, updated browser.



Within the context of its activities, SEM VILLE RENOUVELEE Plaine Images is attentive to the protection of the personal data of anyone whose personal data it is required to process. The aim of this Personal Data Protection Policy is to provide the persons concerned with important information on the way in which Plaine Images collects and processes your personal data and on how you can exercise your rights. We encourage you to read it carefully. This Personal Data Protection Policy also aims to meet the requirements of the new regulations on the protection of personal data (General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) n° 2016/679) which entered into force on 25 May 2018 and the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 as amended by the law on the Protection of Personal Data of 20 June 2018.


SEM VILLE RENOUVELEE Plaine Images mainly processes the personal data of its customers and prospects who are natural persons and that of the employees, team members and managers of its customers and prospects who are legal entities. We use this personal data in the scenarios defined in the regulations in force:

  • the performance of a contract which we have agreed with you and/or,
  • compliance with a legal obligation and/or,
  • your consent to the use of your data and/or,
  • the existence of a legitimate interest for using your data. A legitimate interest is a set of commercial or business reasons which justify the use of your data by Plaine Images.


1.Who is responsible for the processing of personal data?

The data controller mentioned in this document is the company SEM Ville renouvelée, PLAINE IMAGES, registered with the TRADE AND COMPANIES REGISTER OF LILLE METROPOLE under n° 318 697 208, with their registered offices at 99A Boulevard Descat 59200 TOURCOING hereinafter referred to as “PLAINE IMAGES”. SEM Ville Renouvelée is represented by Monsieur Dominique GIVOIS, managing director and Monsieur Emmanuel DELAMARRE, manager of Plaine Images.


2.What information do we collect about you and in what circumstances do we collect it?

The information which you send to us directly

During the different contacts we have with you, whether directly or via the intermediary of the contact page on our website, you may be required to send us information about yourself. This information is in particular:

  • Surname, first name, title,
  • email address, landline and/or mobile telephone number,
  • Position held within the company.

Information which we collect as part of our commercial relationship

The information which we collect as part of our commercial relationship with you is the following, in particular:

  • Information on the history of your commercial relationship with Plaine Images, orders for services, space rentals, support services, invoicing and payment,
  • Your participation in offers,
  • The requests which you have made to our customer service department or the incidents you have informed us of, for example concerning the performance of our services.

Data which we collect automatically

During each of your visits to our website, we collect information on your connection and your browsing. Different technologies may be used to collect this data. The main one is cookies. Data collected via cookies. A cookie is a text file deposited when visiting a website, an application or an online advertisement and stored in a specific area of the hard disk of your computer or your mobile device. Cookies are managed by your Internet browser and only the issuer of a cookie can decide about reading or modifying the information which it contains. A cookie has a limited validity period. It is deposited and stored on your terminal in compliance with the applicable legislation and subject to the choices which you have expressed and which you can change at any time. A cookie does not identify you personally. It allows its issuer to recognise your terminal and to collect a certain amount of information on the browsing carried out via this terminal. Cookies have several functions, such as allowing you to browse a website or application effectively, remembering your choices, the goods and services which you wish to purchase, and offering you relevant advertising content depending on the interests you have expressed during your browsing. You will find further information on cookies on the following websites:  www.cnil.fr, www.allaboutcookies.org, www.aboutcookies.org, www.youronlinechoices.eu

The cookies deposited by Plaine Images subject to your choices gives us access to the following information in particular:

  • The identifiers of the equipment which you use (your computer’s IP address),
  • The type of operating system used by your terminal (Microsoft Windows, Apple Os, Linux, Unix, BeOS, etc.),
  • The type and version of browser software used by your terminal (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.),
  • Dates and times of login to our services,
  • Address of the referrer page
  • Data related to the browsing of our services, and the content viewed.

Data collected by standard Internet technologies.

We are also liable to use standard Internet technologies, such as scripts, pixels and redirects. Scripts (sometimes called tags), written in JavaScript, are programs which run in your browser and perform different actions, for example sending information to our servers. Scripts are also capable of creating pixels. Pixels (sometimes called transparent GIFs, clear GIFs or Web-bugs) are lines of code which allow a graphic image to be displayed (generally invisible) on a Webpage or in an email. Redirects make a webpage available on several URLs. When a browser opens a URL redirect, a page with a different URL is opened. The aim of these technologies is to improve your experience on our website, including providing you with personalised content based on your interests. These technologies give us access to the following information in particular:

  • Information about your use of our website;
  • Information on the presence of cookies on your terminal, on the time and date you visited a page, and a description of the page where the web beacon has been placed;
  • Information on whether the emails we have sent you have been read or not, and on the clicks you have made on the links contained in these emails.

Exclusion of any sensitive information

PLAINE IMAGES does not collect any sensitive information about you. The following are considered as sensitive items of information: information revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical convictions, trade union membership, genetic or biometric data for the purposes of identifying a specific natural person, information on health, sexual activity or sexual orientation, information on criminal convictions or offences, unique national identification number (NIR in France) If such information were to be communicated to PLAINE-IMAGES in one way or another, it will be removed.


3.For what reasons/purposes and on what legal basis is personal data processed?

Processing carried out on the legal basis of the performance of our contractual obligations for the operations necessary for the provision of our services:

  • Processing of orders for services and their implementation;
  • Management and monitoring of orders;
  • Management of customer relations;
  • Dispatch of information about changes or developments in our services;
  • Invoicing and collection of payments;
  • Sending of newsletters;
  • Satisfaction surveys;
  • Management of the exercise of your rights over your personal data.


Processing carried out on the legal basis of your consent: marketing and commercial prospection activities in relation to PLAINE IMAGES’ services

  • updating enhancement and deduplication of your personal information in a dedicated PLAINE IMAGES’ database;
  • Dispatch of information about our activities;
  • · Dispatch of offers on our services by email:
  • · Personalised commercial prospection activities;
  • · Collection of customer opinions;
    •  Drawing up of trade statistics:
    • Deposit of cookies on your computer:
      • Operation and optimisation of browsing on our website
      • Adaptation of the presentation of our website to the display preferences of your terminal (language used, display resolution, operating system, etc.) during your visits, based on the equipment and the reading and visualisation software which your terminal includes;
      • Memorisation of information related to a form which you have filled in on our website or services or information which you have chosen on our website (service subscribed to, content viewed, etc.);
      • Management of our platforms and the performance of internal technical operations as part of the resolution of problems, analysis of data, tests, research, analyses, studies and surveys;
      • Implementation of security measures;
      • Quality measures to assure us that the display of our content is suitable for your device.
      • Measurements of audience and visitor numbers
      • Drawing up of statistics and visitor numbers and use of various elements that make up our site (sections and content visited, browsing path) in order to improve the value and ergonomics of our services;
      • Determination of interests and behaviours;
      • Improvement of knowledge of customers/users for personalisation purposes

Processing carried out by PLAINE IMAGES on the basis of legitimate interest:

  • Statistical analyses;
  • Management of opinions;
  • Customer prospecting activities;
  • management of requests for the right to access, correct and object to personal data formulated by the persons concerned.

4.Who can the personal data be sent to?

  • PLAINE IMAGES may have to pass on the personal data to different categories of recipients:
    • PLAINE IMAGES’ internal departments: personal data is passed on to employees of PLAINE IMAGES who need to process it for the above mentioned purposes. Access to your data is granted on the basis of individual and limited authorisation. Staff who can access your personal data are subject to an obligation of confidentiality.
    • Subcontractors and service providers of PLAINE IMAGES: personal data is passed on to technical subcontractors/service providers who act on behalf of PLAINE-IMAGES (hosting, maintenance, statistics) or in connection with the performance of a specific service such as Eventbrite, MailChimp, Sales Force, WordPress.
  • The use of social networks to interact with our websites and applications in particular the “share” buttons of Facebook, Twitter and Google +) is likely to lead to the exchange of data between PLAINE IMAGES and these social networks. For example, if you are logged into the Facebook social network and you visit a page of our site, Facebook is likely to collect this information. Likewise, if you visit our site and click on the “Tweet” button, Twitter will collect this information. So we encourage you to consult the personal data management policies of the different social networks in order to find out about the collection and processing procedures they apply to your data.
  • PLAINE IMAGES undertakes not to pass on this data to third parties.
  • PLAINE IMAGES may have to pass on personal data in order to comply with a legal obligation, on the request of an administrative or judicial authority which requests it or for the exercise of a legitimate interest such as the defence of its rights

5.How long is personal data kept for?

Your personal data is kept for a period of time in compliance with the legal provisions or for a period of time proportional to the purposes for which it has been logged. Some retention periods are in the legitimate interests of PLAINE IMAGES. Retention periods vary depending on whether we have a current contractual relationship (you are an active customer), whether we have had a contractual relationship with you in the past (you are an inactive customer), or whether we have never had a relationship of this type with you (you are therefore a prospective customer). The data linked to your browsing of our online services collected by the cookies which you have authorised has a specific retention period of 13 months. When its retention is no longer justified by legal or commercial requirements, or requirements linked to the management of your customer account, or if you have exercised a right of alteration or erasure, we shall remove it securely.


PLAINE IMAGES implements all possible technical and organisational measures in order to ensure that personal data is processed securely and its confidentiality is maintained. In order to ensure the safety of personal data, in particular to prevent it being distorted, damaged or accessed by unauthorised third parties, PLAINE IMAGES takes all necessary precautions with regard to the type of data and the risks presented by processing (in particular through the physical protection of premises, the establishment of authentication procedures with personal, secure access via confidential usernames and passwords, the logging of connections, and encryption of certain data…).

7.Is your data transferred outside of the European Union?

We keep all your personal data within the European Union. However, it is possible that the data we collect when you use our platforms or within the context of our services is transferred to subcontractors or commercial partners located in other countries. In the event of a transfer of this type, we ensure that the processing is carried out in accordance with this confidentiality policy which guarantees a sufficiently high level of protection of privacy and basic human rights.

The service providers who store the data in the United States (and in particular Eventbrite, MailChimp, Sales Force) comply with “Privacy Shield”. This self-certification system for companies based in the United States has been recognised by the European Commission as offering a sufficient level of protection for personal data transferred by a European entity to companies based in the United States. This system is consequently considered as offering legal safeguards for such data transfers.

8.What rights do people have in relation to the processing of their personal data?

  • Depending on the processing, the customers and prospects who are natural persons and the employees, team members and managers of our customers and prospects who are legal entities benefit from the following rights:
    • Right of access: the right to obtain confirmation of whether your personal data has been processed or not by PLAINE IMAGES, and when it has, to obtain disclosure of the information about you which has been processed by PLAINE IMAGES.
    • Right of correction: the right to have inaccurate or incomplete information about you, and which has been processed by PLAINE IMAGES, corrected.
    • Right to object: the right to object at any time to the processing of your personal data:
      • for marketing purposes, without giving any particular reason as justification;
      • for any other purposes, related to processing based on the legitimate interest of PLAINE IMAGES, for reasons related to your particular situation, unless PLAINE IMAGES demonstrates that legitimate and compelling reasons exist for the processing which override your interests and your rights and freedoms, or for the establishment, exercise or defence of rights in court.
    • Right to withdraw your consent: for processing based on consent, the right to withdraw consent to processing at any time.
    • Right to limit the processing: the right to suspend the processing of personal data while a check is carried out (verification of the accuracy of the information, legal grounds for the processing, the legitimate motives of PLAINE IMAGES when you are opposed to the processing), or when the processing is unlawful.
    • Right to give instructions about what happens to personal data after your death: right to leave instructions on what happens to your personal data after your death. In the absence of such instructions, your heirs may, after your death, exercise these rights over your personal data.
    • The right of erasure or to be forgotten: the right to have your personal data erased by PLAINE IMAGES when one of the following reasons applies:
      • the data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected;
      • you withdraw your consent to the processing and no legal grounds exist for the processing;
      • you object to the processing of your personal data and there is no compelling legitimate reason for the processing;
      • the data is being processed unlawfully;
      • the data must be erased to comply with a legal obligation.
    • Right to portability: the right to obtain the personal data supplied to PLAINE-IMAGES in a structured format, commonly used and machine-readable so that you can send it or request PLAINE IMAGES to send it to another data controller. This right is applicable when the processing is based on your consent or on the performance of a contract, and if it is carried out with the assistance of automated processes.
    • The right to make a complaint to the CNIL (National Commission for Information Technologies and Freedoms): the right to make a complaint to the CNIL if you consider that PLAINE IMAGES does not comply with the obligations set out in legislation on the protection of personal data (for further information: https://www.cnil.fr/

9.How can you exercise your rights to your personal data?

You can send your request to PLAINE IMAGES accompanied by a copy of your proof of identity to the following postal address: 99A Boulevard Descat F-59200 TOURCOING or by email: contact@www.plaine-images.fr

10.What are your rights with regard to the acceptance and management of cookies?

  • Your rights with regard to the acceptance and management of cookies The storing of a cookie on your browser terminal is dependent on your consent. You can change your mind at any time with regard to the acceptance or refusal of cookies stored on your terminal, either on your browser, or online with different traders. In order to manage cookies in line with your wishes as far as possible, we encourage you to configure your browser taking into account the purpose of the cookies.
  • How can you make your choices?
    •  Make your choices on your browser. You can configure your browser software so that you are offered the chance to accept or refuse cookies from time to time, before a cookie can be stored, or to automatically accept or refuse the storage of cookies on your terminal. We would alert you to the fact that any configuration of your browser software to refuse technical and functionality cookies is likely to alter your browser comfort on our website or even prevent the use of some of our services which require the use of these same cookies. Where applicable, we assume no responsibility for consequences linked to an inferior performance of our website and our services resulting from the impossibility for us to store or consult the cookies necessary for their operation and which you have refused or removed. For the management of cookies and your choices, the configuration of every browser is different. It is described in your browser’s help menu, which will allow you to find out how to change your wishes with regard to cookies.
    •  Microsoft Internet Explorer: http://windows.microsoft.com/fr-FR/windows-vista/Block-or-allow-cookies
    • Microsoft Edge: https://privacy.microsoft.com/fr-fr/windows-10-microsoft-edge-and-privacy
    • Apple Safari: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?path=Safari/3.0/fr/9277.html
    • Google Chrome: http://support.google.com/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=fr&hlrm=en&answer=95647
    • Mozilla Firefox: https://support.mozilla.org/fr/kb/activer-desactiver-cookies-preferences
    • Opera: http://help.opera.com/Windows/10.20/fr/cookies.html


  • The flash cookies of Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player is a computer application which allows the rapid development of dynamic content using Flash computer language. Flash (and applications of the same type) memorise settings, preferences and the use of this content using a technology similar to that of cookies. However, Adobe Flash Player manages this information and your choices via an interface different from that supplied by your browser software. If your terminal is able to display content developed with Flash language, we encourage you to access your Flash cookie management tools, directly from the website http://www.adobe.com/fr

  • Do not track

You can also configure your browser so that it sends a code indicating to websites that you do not wish to be tracked (option “Do not track”).

    •  Microsoft Internet Explorer: http://windows.microsoft.com/fr-fr/internet-explorer/use-tracking-protection#ie = ie-11
    • Microsoft Edge: https://privacy.microsoft.com/fr-fr/windows-10-microsoft-edge-and-privacy
    • Apple Safari: http://support.apple.com/kb/PH11952
    • Google Chrome: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/114836
    • Mozilla Firefox: https://support.mozilla.org/fr/kb/comment-activer-option-ne-pas-pister
    • Opera: http://help.opera.com/Windows/12.10/fr/notrack.html

Make your choice online

  • For audience measurement cookies and analytical cookies: Analytical cookies allow us to obtain anonymous statistics about traffic to our site in order to optimise it and detect any malfunctions. They are placed on our website by Google Analytics.
  • The flash cookies of Google Analytics: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout · The flash cookies of ATInternet: https://www.atinternet.com/societe/protection-des-donnees/mettre-a-jour-mes-preferences/
  • The flash cookies of Amplitude: https://amplitude.com/privacy
  • The flash cookies of Charbeat: https://chartbeat.com/privacy/
  • The flash cookies of Weborama: https://weborama.com/fr/respect-de-la-vie-privee/ Pour les cookies « Réseaux sociaux »

We use several sharing buttons on our website.

  • To manage your data on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/help/cookies/
  • To manage your data on Twitter: https://support.twitter.com/articles/20170518-utilisation-des-cookies-et-des-technologies-similaires-par-twitter
  • To manage your data on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/legal/cookie-policy?_l=fr_FR

So, deactivating these cookies prevents any interaction with social networks

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