Game UX Summit 2019 in Plaine Images

Between Oct. 2 and Oct. 4, Plaine Images was the host of the 2019 #GameUXSummit!

For three days, more than 300 attendees from all over the world gathered to meet, exchange and learn more about User Experience. It was a thrilling experience and a great opportunity for everyone involved, and we were amazed to confirm how much passion, care and empathy are put into your craft every day.


We are grateful that we were able to join the UX community in all its diversity,
and we hope that every attendee is as pleased about their visit here as we are!
Thank you to all the attendees, sponsors and partners who helped us make this event.


You can find below a selection a photos taken during the event. The videos of the talk will be available in a few weeks on our Youtube channel, you can subscribe to it by clicking here!